Busy Day and Flashbacks

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It was another hot and humid day. And another day with no rain in our part of Tuscaloosa. Weather is pretty boring right now.

Started the day early because there was lots to be done. Later when everyone was up we went to IHOP for breakfast with Jim and Susan. On the way back to Wood Manor we stopped by some of our apartments to do a little inspection. Back at Wood Manor we continued to work on minimizing stuff in the house and packing up knick knacks. There was also cleaning. We made good progress but more importantly we also had another family meeting and made the decision to hire a property management firm. We really believe this will make life so much easier on us all. So thankful that decision was made. Now we must implement our plans.

This week we were supposed to be on our Constructions for Christ project in Middleboro, Kentucky. Since it was postponed we decided to look at the last few years of projects. We have so enjoyed these projects. Good memories, hopefully we will be able to do our Kentucky project later in the year.

In 2017 we with with CfC to Rosalie, AL to build a church to replace one destroyed by a tornado. You can read about that trip here.

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