Alabama Weather Day

Friday, June 22, 2018

While a tornado was hitting north Alabama, this is what we saw.
While a tornado was hitting north Alabama, this is what we saw.

A cloudy day today, and cooler. We had a couple of tiny showers but no significant rain here in Tuscaloosa. We had a gorgeous sunset which may have been enhanced by the large storm clouds up in Cullman County (where Anne worked). There was another tornado in northern Cullman County shortly before sunset, with at least 3 injuries, one being an infant, confirmed so far. Those 3 were from a mobile home that was totally destroyed. One of our good EMA friends lives across the road from the trailer but she and her husband are fine. She said that the wind became strong and out of nowhere debris started hitting her house and she and her husband knew immediately what was happening and rushed to the basement. When she came out, her neighbor’s house was gone. Search and rescue are going door to door and trying to clear roads. We are praying that no more injuries are discovered. This was a strange storm in that it was a lone storm with almost no lightning and a short track.

This morning we had no appointments so we were able to do our three mile walk and have a relaxed breakfast. A treat to have a more relaxed start to the day. We then got to work on more estate business of transferring to a new property management firm.Cutting up the watermelon It’s a lot of work but we feel it is the right thing for us to do at this time. We did take time to cut the watermelon we bought yesterday. It is so good. Of course, we ate way to much! More work and then we got another 3 mile walk this afternoon. A shower had come through and the temperature dropped a little, with a nice breeze. A good walk and glad we are getting back to more exercise. 6 miles and over 11,000 steps. A good day. Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays safe!

Our 3 Mile Walking Route
Our 3 Mile Walking Route

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