This and That

Saturday, June 16, 2018

It was another hot day. Again afternoon thunderstorms were all around but we just got a sprinkle on the mountain. Don’t know what they got in Tuscaloosa today.

You could feel the humidity again when we first left the motor home. We did a little more work at Wood Manor and then packed for the sticks and bricks. We went straight to Oneonta to visit with Jean and Helen. They both seemed to be doing well this morning and certainly seemed content. Thankfully today they also seemed happy with each other. After a nice visit we did some shopping and then returned to the house. MowingEverything was fine there. After unloading (we brought some things back to the house to leave), eating some leftovers for lunch and a rest break, Max cut the grass and Anne blew the leaves out of the garage and driveway. That was about it for the day. Hope everyone is having a good weekend and don’t forget to pray for the worship services tomorrow.

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