A Hot One!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Heat index of 101 today. Sunny most of the day and it was hot and humid early this morning. We thought we were getting an afternoon thunderstorm to cool things off but it went just north of us. We got a sprinkle. Sure hope we don’t have to start watering Mom’s lawn this early. It is looking really good and we want that for marketing reasons but … maybe we will get rain tomorrow.

First day in a while we did not have to be up and out at any specific time. We both slept in. It was great. Then a nice breakfast and back to work. Lots of paperwork for the aunts today. We will eventually get things so they are easier to manage but we are still in the change of addresses and changing accounts and all that stuff. Then there is the estate stuff.  Making progress but, wow, is there a lot to do. We may need to cancel a project to get more done. We will see what progress we are making over the next week. Jim is suppose to be here starting Monday. Hopefully we will accomplish a lot.

Max grilled us another wonderful lunch and we walked to Cookout this evening for milkshakes. It was a good day.

Greeters at Cook Out
Greeters at Cook Out

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