Just Run

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The temperature wasn’t too bad today. High was in the upper 80’s . When we were going thru Birmingham about 3:00 it was 72 but it was also raining. By the time we got to Tuscaloosa it was 87 and no rain. We did get a little shower about the time the sun set but Tuscaloosa could really use some rain.

Pastor Barry's last Sundayas pastor of Lester MemorialWe were again blessed to be able to attend Lester Memorial UMC today. It was our pastor’s last Sunday with us. Barry has been at LMUMC for eight years and we will all miss him. So it was a little sad today.  But, he left us with a very uplifting message encouraging us to “Just run” based on 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. We are all in the race. It is a call to life with God and to be a witness of that life to others. Wherever God is calling you today, is good. So just run, with your eyes on the prize and tell of God’s goodness to all who will listen. Ask yourself, what can God do through you? Adding to the service today was the sending forth of 37 our our youth and adult leaders to Tennessee for Appalachian Service Project. So awesome to see our young people learning to live in mission at a young age. Our Philippines mission team returned home last Tuesday, our Honduras team were returning home this afternoon and the ASP team left after worship today. Such a blessing to be in a church that is truly at work outside the doors of the church.

After church we visited with Helen and Jean again. Today they were playing some 60’s and 70’s music in the dining room and the residents were really enjoying it. Songs such as “YMCA”, “Rocking Robin” and others of that genre. One lady was up dancing with some of the staff and others were clapping and smiling and singing. Helen and Jean really seemed to be enjoying lunch today. Of course the Boston Cream Pie for dessert didn’t hurt their mood either.

After having lunch ourselves, we packed and returned to Tuscaloosa, driving through several thunderstorms on the way. This afternoon we worked to empty some of the furniture we intend to store in the warehouse until we get the house sold. We found some old VHS tapes that we decided to watch. Sweet memories with Mama Ruby and Daddy Dwight. So blessed to have had such good parents. It will be a busy and stressful, week so please remember us in your prayers.

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