Pickle Legacy

Monday, June 11, 2018

Today was a mild early summer day. It was cloudy a lot of the day and not nearly so hot as last week. The forecast is for more rain this week, 40-60% each day but only one day with a high of 90. It will be nicer to have a little cooler temperatures.

We started the day at 0800 at the dentist office. We both had cleanings scheduled this morning. Anne really doesn’t like teeth cleanings, but thankfully we both got good reports and nothing needed for 6 months. YEA! After arriving back on the mountain we worked with Randy and Debra on taking care of some of the things at Aunt Helen’s house. Years ago whenever we had a bumper crop of cucumbers and there was nothing else to do with them, Aunt Helen made pickles. Pickles, pickles and more pickles. And she kept making them. Then she stored them in the basement and never thought about them again. And each year she made more. Over the years, we all ate a lot of pickles and they were very good. Well, we discovered some liquid in the basement floor with a vinegary smell. So, sadly, today we had to discard some of the older ones – 18 gallon jars of bad pickles. Pickle Legacy

At first we thought, “How sad that the fruit of so many hours of labor were left to go to waste.” But was it really a waste if she received hours of joy making pickles?

After working in the basement for a while we all went to Oneonta to spend some more times with the ladies. They seemed to be doing well. We are sorry they can’t be at home but since they can not, they seem to be at a good place. Tomorrow there’s more business to handle. Hope your week is off to a good start.

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