Sunday With Family

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Today was another pretty summer-like day in north Alabama. High in the low 90’s. However, this evening we have had a couple of thunderstorms roll though and the temperature dropped rapidly and is now 72. We like to listen to and watch the storms, if they aren’t too bad.

It was Sunday and today we got to worship at our home church, Lester Memorial UMC in Oneonta. Loved being back with our church family. We had a really good worship service with almost a full house at the early contemporary service. Music was really good and then Barry brought us the message. Today’s scripture was Matthew 10:1-8. Barry shared with us that Jesus is clear; his followers are sent out to engage in God’s business. Everything we do should be filtered through our charge, to be disciples and to make disciples. We all need to live our lives remembering that truth. Today was Pastor Barry’s next to the last Sunday with us. He is retiring and we will all miss him very much. Of course, Barry is also our cousin so we will still see him, especially since this past year he built a house about 2 miles from our house.

Retirement poster
The photo collage the congregation put together for Pastor Barry

After church we went to visit Aunt Helen and Aunt Jean again. They seemed to be doing well today. Both were in good spirits and were glad to see us again. We met Randy and Debra (Max’s brother and sister-in-law), for lunch at Zaxby’s . We had another of their grilled chicken salads and it was great to visit with family. Then we all went to the retirement reception for Barry. There we got to see more family and friends. It was a fun afternoon. We are trying to talk Barry into joining NOMADS, too. They have lots of questions about RV’s so we will be getting together in a few weeks.

After the reception, we went back to visit with Helen and Jean with Randy and Debra. Randy and Debra came back to the mountain and will be hanging out for the next few days. Good times. So glad to have time with them. It was a good day!

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