Wet Day In Hattiesburg

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Another weather change today. It rained before we left for work. It rained off and on all morning and then contrary to the forecast it rained off and on all afternoon and this evening. A few of the times it rained pretty hard and this morning we had a lot of vivid lightening, but for the most part it was just enough rain to make us bring the saws back inside. A pain. However, it was 76 when we were driving home and that was real nice.

Our devotion today, brought by Carol and Dave, was on the conversation of the women on the way to the tomb to prepare Jesus’ body. It was a somber walk. They had brought the spices and the oil but had they not thought about the biggest obstacle, the stone. A 2000 pound stone that took about 20 men to move into place and they seemed to have forgot about it. They didn’t bring people to help move the stone. It wasn’t until they looked up that they saw the stone was already rolled away. When you look up, the impossible become possible. Remember, Jesus did not need the stone rolled away. The women did. We all need to remember to look up when we seem to have a 2000 pound obstacle. We need to look up when our concerns and anxiety seem to overwhelm us. Jesus is there waiting on us to look up. We had some good discussion today. Thanks, Carol and Dave for another good time of sharing.

We all went back to the same job sites we were at yesterday. We haven’t met the owner of the new house on Lilac Street where we are doing some framing of interior walls, but we do now know that she is a very sweet Korean lady. We wanted a Korean Bible to give to her so Max asked Debbi to see if she could find us one. The stores were no help but then Debbi called the Korean Baptist church here in Hattiesburg and they were happy to provide us a Bible to sign and present to her. We will pick it up tomorrow. Good job, Debbi! We plan to make our presentations Thursday.

Del and Carol putting down the last of the living room flooring
Del and Carol putting down the last of the living room flooring

At James’ house Dave and Phil continued on installing doors. The installed the two bedroom doors today and worked some more on the double closet doors in one of the bedrooms. They weren’t quite happy with the way the doors met. After much work and pondering on what they could have done wrong they finally determined it wasn’t anything they had done, it was a hinge mortise. It had been cut incorrectly. Guess we will check that a little sooner next time. Del joined Dave and Phil on the doors after lunch. Carol and Del with Anne helping at times, completed the living room laminate today. YEA!! We are pleased with the outcome even though it took longer than expected. We still have to put some laminate in the laundry room but it is a different product that was delivered today. We will see if we can get that completed tomorrow.  Nula returned from SC just in time for lunch and worked with us on the clean up this afternoon and then preparing the door trim for painting. Hopefully someone can get outside tomorrow to get some trim painted.

At the other house on Lilac street, Max, Debbi, Wayne and Peggy completed the wall framing, hung drywall in the furnace closet for the HVAC installers and built the shelf for the furnace. They also were able to get the deadbolt on the back door working. Interestingly, the problem with the back door here was also an improperly cut mortise. Paul (a local volunteer) also worked with us today and he installed the rafter hangers that were missing. This house was started by the Mennonites but there were unable to complete it prior to leaving Hattiesburg two weeks ago. These are all things they would have done with just a few more days here. We love it when our team members get to have the fun of learning new skills.  Yesterday Debbi used a framing gun for the first time and today Peggy used the framing gun and circular saw.  Congratulations ladies.  Another example of God not calling the equipped but equipping the called.  It was another good day in Hattiesburg. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little dryer and we will make some more steps toward helping these people get back in their homes.

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