Started Another House

Monday, June 4, 2018

We finally had a change in our weather. The high temperature was 90, only a few degrees cooler but the wonderful change was a reduction in the humidity. It was still hot but it certainly didn’t feel as hot. Sweat wasn’t dropping off of us in puddles today. YEA! Tomorrow our high is predicted to only be 86. That will be a real improvement. We will see what happens.

Today Phil shared a devotion based on John 10:31-42. He brought a lynchpin to use as an object lesson. Since RVers use lynchpins on our tow bars and trailers, it was a great item to use. Statistics on deaths and injuries due to lynchpin failures were surprising. Failure is caused because people are not vigilant in their use or maintenance. We must remain spiritually vigilant if we are to remain true to our calling and fulfill our purpose of contributing to the spread of the gospel. Thanks, Phil for a meaningful devotion. We so appreciate the effort and thought our team members put in their devotion.

Lilac house
Our new assignment

It was then on to the job site. Chris and Darrell were already on site. They were discussing what they needed us to do today. The discussion concluded with us sending Max, Peggy, Wayne and Debbi to a new job site that needed some framing work completed today in order for plumbing, HVAC and electrical to be done this week. Another group began the inside framing but were unable to complete the building of several interior walls. We don’t yet know the owner of this house but hopefully we will get to meet them. This group worked there all day and will probably be there a good part of tomorrow.

That left Anne, Carol, Dave and Del to work at James’s house. Darrell delivered more material. He brought more trim which will need paint, concrete board to go under the ceramic tile, tile, and doors. It took him several trips which was fine with us because it meant we didn’t have to unload it all at one time. Work continued on the flooring in the living room and closets. Dave worked on the furnace closet. After lunch Dave and Phil worked on door installation. The entire team at James’s house worked on the closet doors installation late this afternoon. The big wide double doors were more that two people could manage. So it was another productive day. Still making progress. Still a long way to go.

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