Last Sunday In Hattiesburg

Sunday, June 3, 2018

No change in the weather here. High of 95 today. But the humidity was only 98 today. Looks like it is going to be another hot week.

We went to the early service today at Oak Grove UMC with Dave and Carol. It was another welcoming group but we all decided we think we like the 11:00 service better. Except we just wish it was earlier.

Home for some work on the books and then a lunch of fresh veggies again. Spent some time preparing for tonight’s team meeting. Phil made it back from Mobile early afternoon. A little later our new team members Peggy and Del arrived. Making peach ice creamThey are new NOMADS and this is their first project. While they were getting set up, Wayne and Debbi returned from Houston. We then started our ice cream freezer with a batch of peach ice cream. We are thankful everyone arrived safely. A little after 5:00 the ice cream was made and we all gathered to share our dessert and begin our meeting. The meeting went well and everyone is ready to go back to work tomorrow. Praying we accomplish whatever it is that God wants us to do this our last week. Hope you had a good weekend.Team meeting with new team members

One thought on “Last Sunday In Hattiesburg”

  1. Oh wow, peach ice cream is my favorite. I went to see Aunt Helen Friday. She finally got her perm. She was so glad. She said” I was ashamed to go out “. It looked really good. Take care , keep Tommy in your prayers, he’s having hip replacement tomorrow. Love ya.


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