Inside Day

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Another weather rerun. Hot and dry. Fortunately, we just had a lazy day and stayed in the air conditioning most of the day.

No alarm clock today. Nice! When we got up we got things ready to prepare blueberry pancakes. We had arranged a late breakfast for today with Dave and Carol. Phil went home for the weekend, Wayne and Debbi went to Houston and Nula slept late today because she started driving back to SC this afternoon, so it was just the four of us this morning. Max prepared bacon, eggs, and blueberry pancakes and Dave prepared home fries. Anne mixed up the pancakes and helped with the other things, but basically the guys cooked breakfast for the gals. Max and Anne cooked up a blueberry syrup last night. We all enjoyed a wonderful meal and a good time together. Later, Nula came over and ate some of the left overs.

It was too hot to do much today so we stayed in the cool and watched some movies. Relaxing day. Trip to the produce standWe also cooked up some of the corn we got from the produce stand across the street and it was so good we went back for more and also bought more tomatoes and a cantaloupe. Really good fresh produce. Love fresh veggies this time of year. Now, if we could find a good watermelon. The local ones aren’t ready yet. Soon. Looking forward to worshiping with our friends here in Hattiesburg tomorrow.

One thought on “Inside Day”

  1. Food looks yummy. The men did a good job. Those blueberries look so good. Wish I had some for my state fair blueberry pie. Too bad we are so far away. Still having Chemo every Monday until Aug. 20th. Love Mary Alice & Darl.


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