Rainy, But Good, Sunday

Sunday, April 22, 2018

As beautiful as yesterday was, today was the opposite. Yucky! Yes, I know we need spring rains but it was cool, damp, rainy, foggy and just a messy day. There were also some pretty strong thunder storms in some places, fortunately not where we were at the moment. We did drive in some bad rain with a lot of people driving 45 with flashers. Thank you Lord for safe travel today.

We started the day with a couple of day old doughnuts which of course when heated about 15 seconds in the microwave are just about as good as when the “Hot Now” sign is on. It was a wet drive to Lester Memorial UMC and as usual we listened to The Message on XM. What was unusual was that two of the songs we sang along with on the radio were also songs used in worship today. God was really letting us be ready for worship.

LMUMC sermon notes 4-22-18
Today’s sermon notes

And worship we did. We had a wonderful service and Sunday school class today. Hmm – something about entering worship ready to worship? Barry’s message was from John 10:11-21, a familiar passage in which Jesus says “I am the good shepherd.” Great message that we need to be sharing with the world. Think we may listen to it again on You Tube. We enjoy having that option available to us, especially when we are out of town and miss our home church service. They usually stream both the 8:30 service which we attend and the 11:00 traditional service but looks like they only have the 11:00 service up this week. (click here to view) Oh well, its the same message.

After church we went back to the rehab center to visit with Helen and Jean. They both seemed to be doing well this morning but Jean seemed more confused when we went back this afternoon. Not sure exactly what is going on with her. Helen seems to be enjoying the friends she has made.

Rainy night driveAfter our afternoon visit we headed to Cullman for a couples baby shower. It was nice to see old friends and celebrate the impending arrival of a daughter, sister, and granddaughter into this world. Congratulations to Michael and Cristina and may God continue to bless their family. After the shower we drove back to Tuscaloosa in heavy rain. It was a long, slow drive but we are safely back in FRED.

Second set of irises 1
We brought more irises back with us. None were blooming when we cut them, but two had opened by the time we got home.

Fun Saturday

Saturday, April 21, 2018

We were up early this morning with a busy day in front of us. It was cool, but not as cool as predicted and turned into a warm, gorgeous spring day.

We were at Donna and Barry’s house at 6:56 ready to head to Cedartown, Georgia. We loaded our bikes on their carrier last night so all we needed was our cooler and helmets. Penny, who works with Donna, and Mike arrived right behind us. Breakfast of championsWe all headed to Cedartown to ride the Silver Comet Rail Trail from Cedartown to the Alabama/Georgia state line. It just so happens that we drive right past a Krispy Kreame in Gadsden and since the “Hot Now” light was on we had to stop. Fresh hot glazed doughnuts. Just doesn’t get much better. Getting ready to rideOn to Cedartown, we parked at the Depot/Welcome Center for the trail and readied ourselves for the ride. It was a near perfect day for riding. Just a little too much wind. The six of us headed out, enjoying the scenery along the way. We took a break at about the half way point and again at the state line. There were lots of riders at the state line. Appeared today that most of the traffic was on the Alabama side rather than Georgia which was pretty quiet. At the Alabama lineWe then started the long ride back. Anne thinks that somehow the return ride was longer than the ride to the state line. Don’t know how that would work but maybe so. Anyway, we road over 20 miles and were pretty tired at the end. To reward ourselves the 6 of us went to Zorba’s for lunch. We eat at Zorba’s when we are on NOMADS teams at Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center in Cedartown. We have never had a bad meal there. Today Anne had lasagna and Max had chicken parmesan. Both were very good. We will be having leftovers for Sunday lunch. After lunch we headed home arriving about 3:30. Thanks, Barry and Donna for asking us along.

Betty's BirthdayWe did a little estate work and had time for a quick shower before heading to the community center for our friend Betty’s surprise birthday party. She was really surprised and speechless. What fun that was. Another really good day. Our legs may not think it was so good tomorrow but it was good. Don’t forget to pray for services tomorrow.

FRED Looks Good

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Windy, chilly day today with bright sunshine. If not for the wind it would have been really nice but with the wind it required jackets all day.

Today we again got up and did our walking and then had breakfast. We worked in the house for a while waiting for it to warm up a little. Anne decided to make some phone calls to companies who do estate sales and is considering this as an option. Actually, Mama Ruby mentioned it at one time saying “you will just have to have an estate sale because I know you kids don’t want or need all my stuff.” Didn’t think that much about it at the time but now when we look around the house at all the stuff and become overwhelmed with it all it is sort of comforting to know she was okay with us doing just that. Both companies today suggested that we only remove the documents, pictures and items that we want to keep and leave everything else. The said we would be surprised at what would sell. So we may stop packing up clothes and move to the office and pack it up next. We will have to have a family discussion about all this.

Polishing the wheelsAfter it warmed up a bit, we washed the rear end cap and passenger side of FRED. We also polished the wheels. FRED looks brand new. Of course the pollen is already making him a little yellow but that’s springtime in Alabama. We did our evening walk just before dark and now we are having a nice cup of hot tea. Not very exciting reading but another good day.

Steak and Shakes – Good Day

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It was very cloudy this morning. Was not predicted but we were completely clouded in when we took our morning walk. By 11:00 the sun was out and our high today was 81. It was hot in the sun.

We started the day with our morning walk then had breakfast. There were more clothes to go through from Mama Ruby’s closets and more business to handle and letters to write. Max grilled us a wonderful ribeye steak for lunch with potatoes and salad. House cleaningIt was so good. We decided this afternoon to start washing FRED. Today we did the front and driver side while they were in the shade. Looks good! We plan is to get outside early in the morning and do the rear cap and passenger side while they are in the shade. We were told that we should not wash FRED for 6 months to allow the paint to completely cure. We have waited a bit more than 6 months but life just sort of got in the way of good intentions. Our usual schedule is to wash at least every 6 months and wax 1-2 times per year. We did another nice walk on the greenway this evening and got a couple of milkshakes. That was our day. We will be back on the road in another 2-3 weeks and the blog will get more interesting. However, this is life for now and it is all good. Painful and hard at times, but good.


Two Creeks

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Another frosty morning. But not quite as cold as yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day and temperatures went right up and it was a warm 80 degrees by early afternoon.

Since it was such a pretty day and we have been working hard we decided to take a road trip today. First Max served us up another wonderful omelet for breakfast. We had to finish up some tax business and drop some checks by the post office. Yellow CreekWe also took some donations to the mission store. Then we took a ride up to our cabin at Yellow Creek. We haven’t been there is quite some time. We usually see some wild life on that drive and today was not an exception. Today was turkey day. We checked out everything at the cabin since the river has been in flood stage with all the rain last week. Everything was fine and we enjoyed the beauty of the place. It also made us a little sad. Anne’s dad build the cabin and he and Mama Ruby loved spending time at the creek.

Deerlick Creek signAfter some time at the creek we headed back to Tuscaloosa by a slightly different route. We received some email by way of RVillage last week when we checked in to Tuscaloosa. It was from someone that works the gate at Deerlick Creek Corps of Engineers park and campground. We decided to go by Deerlick Creek since we haven’t been there in several years. The corp has really improved this park over the years and the campground has some really nice sites. Some will not handle a motor home the size of FRED but there were certainly enough large sites. Many have great views of the water. We are thinking about spending some time there before we go back to Baton Rouge. We will have to see if we can squeeze it in. There are some nice hiking trails and some areas to ride the bikes. For our RV friends, the sites have water and electric with dump station available on site. Since it’s a Corps park, those of us with Senior Pass get half price of 13.00/night. That’s a bargain for the nice large sites with good spacing between sites.

One of the nicest sites at Deerlick Creek
One of the nicest sites at Deerlick Creek

After returning to FRED we had a late lunch, visited with our neighbor for a while and had a nice afternoon walk. Except for some bad news discussed below, we had a good day.

We would ask for prayer for two of our NOMADS friends. Jodi who was on our Baton Rouge team and was still working in Baton Rouge had emergency surgery today on her colon. They removed about 12 inches and she will be in ICU for a couple of days. We wish her a speedy and uneventful recovery. Also please pray for Carol Kuipers on the death of her husband Marty today. Marty had back surgery yesterday and was doing well post surgery with Marty expecting to be returning to projects in 6-8 weeks. He died suddenly today. Our hearts break for Carol and the family.

Four Years Ago Today

Monday, April 16, 2018

We had a fairly heavy frost this morning, covering the roof of Mama Ruby’s house and the grass. It was 38 when we first checked the temperature this morning. With the wind still blowing it was cold. We pulled the heavy sweat shirts back out. It’s suppose to be even a little colder tonight with frost again but then a nice warming trend. Maybe this is finally the end of winter.

Today was really not a blog worthy day. We did lots of book work going through a lot of Aunt Jean’s records, working on some of Helen’s hospital bills that didn’t get filed on her insurance, and really boring stuff like that. We have so much more to do on the estates and all the family accounting. Anne also spent some time working in the house. Part of it was harder than expected. There are several bags of clothes, shoes etc ready for the mission store so we may try to take a load there tomorrow. We did get a nice walk done this afternoon. This evening we are enjoying some nice lemon ginger hot tea.

swingingbridgeFour years ago yesterday was the first day of our new life. It was our first full day in FRED One on our journey to Alaska. Four years ago today was our first day to just relax and enjoy ourselves after Max’s retirement from his last paying job. We enjoyed going back and looking at our blog from that time period and thought you might like to do the same. (Click here for our Alaska 2014 blog) There are a lot of really nice wildlife pictures later in the blog if you choose to read further. We think everyone should go to Alaska and we are considering going back again next year. Nice to have something to dream about.