Rainy, But Good, Sunday

Sunday, April 22, 2018

As beautiful as yesterday was, today was the opposite. Yucky! Yes, I know we need spring rains but it was cool, damp, rainy, foggy and just a messy day. There were also some pretty strong thunder storms in some places, fortunately not where we were at the moment. We did drive in some bad rain with a lot of people driving 45 with flashers. Thank you Lord for safe travel today.

We started the day with a couple of day old doughnuts which of course when heated about 15 seconds in the microwave are just about as good as when the “Hot Now” sign is on. It was a wet drive to Lester Memorial UMC and as usual we listened to The Message on XM. What was unusual was that two of the songs we sang along with on the radio were also songs used in worship today. God was really letting us be ready for worship.

LMUMC sermon notes 4-22-18
Today’s sermon notes

And worship we did. We had a wonderful service and Sunday school class today. Hmm – something about entering worship ready to worship? Barry’s message was from John 10:11-21, a familiar passage in which Jesus says “I am the good shepherd.” Great message that we need to be sharing with the world. Think we may listen to it again on You Tube. We enjoy having that option available to us, especially when we are out of town and miss our home church service. They usually stream both the 8:30 service which we attend and the 11:00 traditional service but looks like they only have the 11:00 service up this week. (click here to view) Oh well, its the same message.

After church we went back to the rehab center to visit with Helen and Jean. They both seemed to be doing well this morning but Jean seemed more confused when we went back this afternoon. Not sure exactly what is going on with her. Helen seems to be enjoying the friends she has made.

Rainy night driveAfter our afternoon visit we headed to Cullman for a couples baby shower. It was nice to see old friends and celebrate the impending arrival of a daughter, sister, and granddaughter into this world. Congratulations to Michael and Cristina and may God continue to bless their family. After the shower we drove back to Tuscaloosa in heavy rain. It was a long, slow drive but we are safely back in FRED.

Second set of irises 1
We brought more irises back with us. None were blooming when we cut them, but two had opened by the time we got home.

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