Beautiful Easter in Baton Rouge

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!! It was a beautiful one here in Baton Rouge. We did not go to Sunrise Service this morning. We had planned to go but then we got another phone call from Aunt Jean’s assisted living shortly before midnight. She fell out of bed again and had to go back to the hospital. It’s the second time this week. Anne didn’t go back to sleep until almost 4:00am and then the assisted living called back at 5:00. Just couldn’t make ourselves get out of bed. First year in a long time we missed Sunrise Service. It’s one of our favorite services of the year.

NOMADS took part in the morning worshipWe did make it to worship at 10:30. Pastor David had asked Max to read the resurrection story from Mathew today. Of course he did a great job. The church looked so pretty this morning with the flower covered cross and all the beautiful Easter banners hung in the sanctuary. It was a good service culminating with communion. Thank you, Jesus!!

These banners were made by a church member.

Ron and Mary arrivingNot long after lunch our new team members Ron and Mary arrived. They had a long drive over the past few days, coming from south Florida. We are thankful for their safe arrival and look forward to working with them this week. This is only their second project so still pretty new to NOMADS. We are so glad to have them here! Otherwise it was a quiet afternoon with only a quick run to Walmart disturbing our rest. We of course had the team meeting at 6:00 tonight and all went okay.

Looking forward to another busy and productive week.