Expensive Day

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Today was another really nice day. Sunny and not too hot. Another day of a few minutes of the fire place this morning and just the fans this afternoon. It was a busy day too. We had meetings with the estate attorney, and two accountants for Mama Ruby. Can’t wait to get that bill.  NOT!!!  Hopefully we are now all on track for making more progress. At least we understand more of what we have to accomplish and our time line. So much work to do! Still looking to have an estate sale this summer. Since we didn’t do anything of much interest today we thought we would do a flash back to April 25, 2014. It was our first NOMADS drop-in project. Fun times. Hope you enjoy. (Click here to flash back with us.)

Cheryl going in the windowWe also flashed back to this date in 2016 and were reminded of a funny thing that happened on our NOMADS project at Sumatanga. Our friend Tony locked his keys in his motorhome and another dear friend, Cheryl, volunteered to go through a window and unlock it.

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