Great Day for Lester Memorial UMC

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Wow, May is almost here. It has been a crazy four months. We could have never thought in December that the first four months would be like this. But today was another beautiful day. A little cool with the temperature 48 this morning. When you were in the breeze it was actually a little cool all day but it was nice.

Irises blooming at Helen's
More beautiful irises blooming at Aunt Helen’s

We got to be with our church family at Lester again today.  Even better Randy and Debra also worshiped with us. It was another wonderful time of worship with Barry’s sermon from John 15:1-8. In one section Barry reminded us that what people see in us reveals some sort of profession of faith in Christ. It may be a profession that Christ is not important at all in our lives, or that He is marginal in our lives or that He is central to how we live. But we all make a profession of faith each day with everyone we meet. The question we need to ask ourselves is, can people I associate with each day tell I belong to Christ? We hope so.

After early service, Randy and Debra returned to the mountain to pack and head back to South Carolina. Thankfully they have arrived home safely. We stayed for Sunday School and then on to check in on Aunt Helen and Aunt Jean. They both seemed to be doing well today. Jean was already in the dining room visiting with some other residents when we arrived and Aunt Helen was taking a nap. Helen of course made it to the dining room before lunch was served. It is a blessing that both ladies are happy and pretty content currently.

During the traditional service at Lester today the eight young people who completed confirmation this spring were presented for church membership. Then, as is our custom, this afternoon there was a church picnic at Camp Sumatanga. A couple of the youth were baptized in the cold lake, some others were sprinkled and several people had a remembrance of their previous baptism as a part of the worship service. Another church that was having their church picnic joined Lester for worship and the baptism service. It was another great day for worship.

Tonight Anne is in Tuscaloosa working on things there and Max is at the sticks and bricks planning to spend tomorrow on the bush hog. Only five more days til we are on the road again.

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