Good Family Time

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Today was another bright and sunny day. We enjoyed it with family. After much needed sleep last night, we started the morning with Randy, Max’s brother, coming over for a visit. It was nice to have some quiet time with him. We don’t have enough time with Randy and Debra. Then it was time to get busy and Randy went to town to get the necessary parts to repair the Aunt Helen’s lawn mower, we stopped by and visited with Debra for a little while and then went to Oneonta to the rehab facility to see Jean and Helen. We took more clothes for Jean and some of her precious keepsakes and pictures for her room. She seemed to really appreciate them. We visited with the two ladies for a while and then got them down to the dining hall for lunch. After lunch the four of us visited in Helen’s room and a little later Marsha came and visited with us too. Jean went to play bingo and later they both went to gospel singing in the dining room. The ladies didn’t enjoy the music as much today but by then Randy and Debra and Michelle joined us. We all sat outside and visited in the nice courtyard. Beautiful spring afternoon. Too soon Marsha had to leave for Chattanooga. Not sure when she will be able to return but hopefully not too long. After visiting with the ladies a little more, we all headed back to Pine Mountain. Randy and Debra took us to Jim ‘N Nicks in Trussville for dinner. It was so good. We love the prime rib sandwiches and of course their barbecue is wonderful. More time to visit. It was a wonderful meal and a really good day with family. It was so good to see Randy, Debra and Marsha again and we appreciate their help with the moving yesterday more than they will ever know. Stay safe everyone and don’t forget to be praying for services tomorrow.

For anyone interested click here for an update on the NOMADS Baton Rouge Disaster Rebuild project

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