Work Day – Pine Mountain and Tuscaloosa

Monday, April 30, 2018

Max: I stayed at the sticks and bricks to bushhog the fields before we head out again on NOMADS projects. After going for diesel fuel, airing up the tires and connecting the battery it was off to work. Most of our property is in pine trees but about 10 acres is still open field and has to be cut two or three times a year. I sometimes have company when bushhogging. We have a red-tailed hawk that lives close by and we have a sort of symbiotic relationship. I cut the field short enough for it to see prey more easily and it entertains me while I’m on the tractor. The hawk was not there for most of the day, but after lunch a group of 4 crows were repeatedly diving at the top of one of the large oak trees on the edge of the field, so I knew the hawk was on scene. The rest of the day the hawk did its hunting and the crows harassed it.

A surprise visitor showed up later. As I was just about finished with our field and starting over to cut the small lot behind Aunt Helen’s house, I thought I saw our resident red fox on the edge of the field. A few moments later it came out into the brightly lit mowed area and I saw it was not a fox. It was a lone, and bold, coyote. Unfortunately, the good cameras were in FRED in Tuscaloosa so the only pictures today were from my phone. When I came back to our house after finishing the lot at Aunt Helen’s (and clearing some saplings and privet hedges from the blueberry bushes) the coyote and hawk were still busy hunting. They helped relieve some of the boredom of driving the tractor back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…

Looks like we will have another good blueberry crop

Looks like we will have another good blueberry crop this year. Anybody want to pick them if they ripen while we’re gone?


Anne:  Max gets bored bushogging back and forth, back and forth, but I had him beat today.  I returned to my first profession, accountant, and worked on family accounting ALL day today.  I did take time to work out this morning and walked the greenway again this afternoon but otherwise, it was accounting all day until 9:00 tonight.  That’s about 14 hours.  YUK!  I do remember why my first degree was in accounting but tonight I really, really, remember why I changed professions.  I do thank God for the ability to do this and for the beautiful day we had today.  Sure will be glad when Max can join me in Tuscaloosa again.

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