Family Saves The Day

Thursday-Friday, April 26-27, 2018

Sorry about not posting last night but we were really tired and yesterday was not very interesting. We drove back from Tuscaloosa to Trussville and went to three banks working on Aunt Jean’s business, then to the assisted living and grocery store, stopped by the house to drop off the groceries and headed in to Oneonta and went to the court house to do the paperwork to sell Juno’s car, another bank for Jean’s business and some estate business, the rehab center, a haircut for Max and finally some lunch about 4:00 and back to rehab. How is that for a run on sentence, and a run on day. Oh, and it rained and was messy until about 4:00.

Today on the other hand was a gorgeous day. Cool this morning and quite warm this afternoon. However, it was just as busy. Today we moved all of Aunt Jean’s belongings from the assisted living. She doesn’t plan to return there. She needs to be able to transfer from wheelchair to bed and back to meet qualifications for assisted living and she is a long way from doing that. The therapists are still working with her but they really don’t expect her to meet that goal. The insurance company thinks she is no longer progressing and is stopping the therapy tomorrow. We are appealing that decision but we have already lost one appeal and are working on the second. They now have fourteen days to give us a decision. We are blessed because she likes the rehab/skilled nursing facility and wants to stay there long term. We are working to arrange that for her and in the mean time she can continue some therapy awaiting appeal.

The move today was a little overwhelming. We arrived at the assisted living at 9:00 and started packing. We didn’t realize there was so much stuff. It was a small space, two rooms and the bathroom but man at the stuff. Again, we were so blessed. Randy, Debra and Marsha came to help. We all three worked all day and then Max’s only cousin on his Dad’ side also arrived around lunch time. It was so good to see her and her arrival was a pick me up when we were in a slump. We finally had everything safe and secure in the storage building or in boxes for the rehab center and were on our way home by about 5:30. Finished in one day!! Thank you, Lord, for sending us all the help. Without our family we would have still been working on the move Monday. So we are again home tonight, very tired but, feel very good about what was accomplished today.

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