New Leaders Arrive

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

We had severe thunderstorm warnings overnight but all we actually had at Francis Asbury was lots of rain and some thunder. As was predicted it was all over by 7:00am. The day began very cloudy with the sun out by 10:00. It is considerable cooler tonight and we may have to use the fireplace in the morning.

Lee Ann and Barrie had our devotion this morning and it was another good time of sharing. Charles came by and visited with us for a few minutes and then it was time to go to work. We were very glad that Stel and Jodi were feeling better and were able to join us today.

The worksite was pretty wet after last night's rain
Wet worksite

We expected everything to be wet and muddy at the job site and we were right on target. It was muddy and slick. We put down some wood to walk around the exterior. We started the day with the siding crew back on siding after taking the day off yesterday to work on the sheathing. Stel and Ron worked on framing in the door and building out the interior walls. Still have a little to do on the closet wall. Max and Barrie and Anne completed the sheathing and worked on the roof framing. We all helped put together the scaffolding for the siding ladies, Jodi, Mary, Suzanne, and Lee Ann. It was a busy day but we aren’t quiet ready to install the metal. We hope to get to that tomorrow.

Also, the new team leaders Gene and Carolyn, who will be taking our place, arrived today. We showed them around the job site, and tried to bring them up to day. They will be working with us tomorrow too. It is so good to have them here. We last worked with them in November, 2014. We have wanted to work with them before now but our schedules just haven’t matched up. Maybe we will have time to visit a little tomorrow. We will not have a lot of time though because we have to be packing up and reading to leave. Hard to believe tomorrow is our last day here. We are tired and ready for a break but will be sad to leave our homeowners and team. Until tomorrow.

Team picture fourth week Baton Rouge DR
Team picture fourth week Baton Rouge DR

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