All Hands On The Second Addition

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Yep, it was another beautiful day. Hot this afternoon with high of 83. Unfortunately, they are still predicting storms tonight. The weather is suppose to be out of here by 7:00am so hopefully we will not have a rained out work day.

Suzanne brought us a devotion today from The Upper Room. Thought provoking and good discussion. Thanks, Suzanne. Unfortunately, Stel and Jodi were added to our prayer list because they are both sick with colds. They didn’t work today and we hope they are feeling better after some extra rest.

We really missed Stel and Jodi on the job site today. We have gone from 13 team members to 7 today. However, they are an extremely hard working 7 and accomplished a lot today. We pulled the “Siding Crew” over to work with everyone else on the second addition today. Suzanne, Lee Ann, Mary and Ron worked to put up the sheathing. Barrie also helped with that for a time this morning. It is up except for one piece that we didn’t put up so we could more easily access the area. Good work! Max and Barrie installed the rest of the rafter blocking and then got all the purlins installed. You rock guys! Anne helped with what ever was needed but spent a good deal of time on the purlins as well. It was a very productive day.

Sheathing and purlins installed on second addition
Sheathing and purlins installed on second addition

We would appreciate your prayers for Aunt Jean. For those of you that don’t know, she has now had three falls in the past week, all three requiring a trip to the ER. This last one they admitted her and are trying to determine the cause. As of now all we know is that she has a UTI. The plan now is to discharge her Thursday or Friday to a rehab center/skilled nursing facility unless they find another problem. Hopefully with therapy, she will regain enough strength to return to assisted living. The case manager we talked to today said it might be time for her to have more care than assisted living. Our LOLs sure have had a rough year. We will see what tomorrow brings. Whatever it is, we know God’s got it, already.

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