Last Work Day for this Trip

Thursday, April 5, 2018

It was a brisk 47 degrees in Baton Rouge this morning. We did indeed use the fireplace this morning. It was a beautiful sunny and hot day by this afternoon. We have been blessed with wonderful weather while working in Baton Rouge. Great time of year to be here!

Our last morning devotion time for this tripWe lead devotional time this morning and it was well received. It’s always a little sad to us when we have our final devotional time with our team. It’s sort of like leaving your small group for the summer. And when we leave tomorrow, we don’t know when we will see some of these people again. We have had some really great people on the teams this past four weeks. We appreciate them all.

Today we had lots we wanted to get done and knew going in we would probably not get it all done. Our prayer was that we would accomplish what God had planned for us today and not our list. We feel we accomplished that.

Siding finished on back wall

The siding crew of Suzanne, Lee Anne, Mary and Jodi returned to working on siding and only stopped when the roofing crew called for help. The crew got all the remaining siding on the back wall of the first addition. They also worked on the caulking and paint on that wall. It is looking amazing. It is really surprising how closely it matches the existing cedar siding.

The roofing crew worked on getting the second addition in the dry. We hung the two fly rafters, and installed the sub-fascia and the drip rail. It was then time to begin the metal roofing. We completed about 2/3 of that. Max worked with Gene, one of the team leaders for next three weeks, to be sure he understood what we had been doing and how to complete what we have started on Richard’s house. Anne spent time with Carolyn, the other team leader for the next three weeks, doing the same thing. Gene and Carolyn reminded us this evening that they have our phone number if we are needed next week. We wish we could have completed the roof but it was more important first that we all remain safe and second that we leave things for an easy transition. We know we accomplished #1 and hopefully two as well.

The house at the end of week four
The house at the end of week four

It has been a wonderful month in Baton Rouge. A lot of healing has occurred even though we know we still have a lot to work through. We are in a better place today in spite of the problems with Aunt Jean this week. God continues to bless us and hold us in his hands. For all this we are very thankful. Please pray for our safe travel tomorrow.

Pizza party
We ended our work week with a pizza party

One thought on “Last Work Day for this Trip”

  1. You guys really accomplished a lot while there. Praying for safe travel and for all you have to deal with when you get home. Love you


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