Start Of Week Four

Monday, April 2, 2018

Beautiful day with a high in the lower 80s today. We are really enjoying the weather here. It is going to get really cool later in the week but not nearly as cool places north of here. We heard about possible wintry mix at the Master’s this week. Surely not! I’m sure Rita will get that changed. Or maybe she will pack some warmer clothes. Have fun in Augusta, Rita and Dave!

Today our newest team members Mary and Ron brought our devotional. Thought provoking and very good comments and conversation with the team. Thanks, Ron and Mary.

After devotion, we loaded up the scaffolding into Charles’ truck along with the drywall lift and headed to the job site. It’s spring break for the Baton Rouge schools this week so traffic was fairly light. Everyone quickly got to work with Stel and Barrie working on framing the walls, and Ron and Jodi on demo of the sheathing on bedroom 2. By the end of the day all the exterior walls were up, the rafter hangers were in place, the sheathing down, and the door was cut from the living room to bedroom 2. Suzanne, Lee Ann and Mary worked on the siding. Jodi joined them later in the day. There is now siding on three sides of the first addition and one window is trimmed out. One more piece of siding and we will be ready to put the scaffolding up for the higher areas. Max and Anne worked on bedroom 1 addition, using foam insulation to complete the installation of the roof and then installing the ceiling and wall insulation. It is almost complete and should be completed tomorrow. Hopefully some drywall will go up Wednesday or Thursday. A couple of points of celebration today. The green screws for the metal roofing finally arrived today! We may install those in the morning before the roof gets too hot. Also, the conference bought us a tool specifically designed to cut the cement board siding. We used Gary and Avis’ tool last week but sadly they left us this weekend and for some reason took their tool with them. We asked Charles about purchasing one and he found us one today. Yea!! This tool makes cutting the concrete board so much easier and safer because there is no dust. Thanks Charles!

So a lot was accomplished today on what turned out to be a hot day. We were definitely happy with the progress and most importantly, there were no accidents. BTW, we have two team members who are not feeling well, battling colds, and we would appreciate prayers for them and that the rest of the team stay well.

One thought on “Start Of Week Four”

  1. Wow! Y’all got a ton accomplished today! Maybe we shoulda left earlier! Congrats on the great progress. Miss you guys.
    Dave and Rita.


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