In The Dry!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Feeling very blessed with another beautiful day. Cool this morning, then warmer during the afternoon. Actually, just plain hot working on the roof in the sun today. The rainy weekend we had last weekend turned into a beautiful week. Tomorrow is predicted to be nice, too. So hopefully we will finally get to ride the levee trail.

Today was roofing day. We really wanted to finally get the house in the dry. We had a really slow start, but then things started falling into place. Richard’s home is now in the dry with a bathroom and bedroom addition. We still have some additional screws to place in the roof and the soffit and fascia to put up, but the roof is on! Everyone worked so hard today. In addition to the roofing which everyone worked on, Stel and Avis got a lot more of the insulation installed. We had a lot of clean up to do since it’s out last work day this week.

Roof on and partially insulated
Roof on and partially insulated
The house at the end of the second Thursday
The house at the end of the second Thursday. It doesn’t look much different from this angle, but the addition is now in the dry.

Lunch today was again provided by Richard and was fried fish with slaw, french fries and bread. It was great. We also got word today that the committee approved NOMADS to build the other bedroom on Richard’s house so that means we will working there for a good while longer. The teams after we go home will have to complete the house. The team is very happy for Richard and Sandy. It’s been a good week.

Mark and Mark grilled burgers for the team tonight
Mark and Mark grilling burgers for the team

Tonight we had our weekly team dinner and the team decided to stay home and grill hamburgers. All the food was great and everyone enjoyed the evening. We had to say goodbye to Mark and Lisa, and Mark and Jo. The four of them have been such wonderful additions to our team. We will miss their laughter and their wonderful contribution to the project. Otherwise, it was another good week.

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