Levee Trail Ride

Friday, March 23, 2018

Another gorgeous day! The spring days in Baton Rouge remind us of the mountains in the summer, cool mornings and evenings and warm beautiful days. Nice.

Mark and Lisa leavingIt was nice to have the day off allowing us to sleep a little late. Then we said our goodbyes to Mark and Lisa. This time it wasn’t as hard to say goodbye because all four of us have decided to return to Baton Rouge in May to help two more weeks while our dear friends Carol and Dave Hill are leading. Already looking forward to returning and we still have two more weeks here this time.Southernmost point sign Today Gary, Avis, Stel and Jodi went to the southern tip of Louisiana to the southern terminus of the Mississippi River. Dave and Rita made a trip to New Orleans. Finally, we rode the Levee Trail. Jo and Mark rode with us. The levee trail runs along the top of the levee that keeps the Mississippi River from flooding downtown Baton Rouge and the LSU campas. The Mississippi was still incredibly high, but it has receded just a little since last Saturday when we walked a section of the trail. The trail was a good ride, about 10 miles, and less crowded today than last week. We always like riding along the water.

After the ride, the four of us went to Portabello’s Grill for lunch. The food was very good and the company even better. We had a good waiter who put up with all our laughing and joking. When we left Portabello’s we walked next door to Madeline’s a french restaurant and bakery. The pastries and creme brulee cheese cake were awsome. We returned home around 4:30 and did laundry and relaxed. No supper for us after the lunch we ate. However, we did have the cheese cake in lieu of supper. Life is short. Eat dessert first – or instead. We have new team members coming in tomorrow. So we will probably get some groceries in the morning and then just hang out here tomorrow afternoon. Hope you have a great weekend.

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