Still Pushing Hard

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Team picture second week Baton Rouge DR
Team picture second week Baton Rouge DR

Today was another beautiful day, cooler, and windy but beautiful. We are hoping for less wind tomorrow when we need to install the big sheets of metal roofing. We really can’t say anything negative about the weather here after looking at all the damage in Alabama from the Monday night storms. It is really amazing that no one died in those storms. Most recent count is 9 tornadoes touched down Monday night.

After devotion today, the team again headed to Baker to continue work on Richard’s home. We, however, headed in the opposite direction but only a few miles to Denham Springs to look over another home the Conference wants us to repair. This home needs sheetrock work, painting, doors installed, cabinets installed and flooring. The college kids who worked here last week taped, mudded and partially sanded the drywall They actually did a pretty good job but looks like they ran out of time to complete the job. Since this is all inside work we currently plan to continue on Richard’s home until the rain returns next week then at least some of us will go to this home.

Finished porch railing
Finished porch railing

While we were in Denham Springs, the team returned to work. It was a busy day and everyone is tired tonight. Today Rita and Lisa completed the railing for the front porch so now the porch and ramp projects are totally complete. They did an awesome job. The electrical was roughed in today, by Stel, Mark, Jodi and probably some others, and is awaiting inspection by the city. The inspector may have come after we left this afternoon. Otherwise he should be there first thing in the morning. Insulation was installed by Avis and Jo, in the exterior walls that did not have electrical installed. The electrical work has to remained uncovered until after the inspection and then we will complete the insulation installation. The windows were installed by Dave and Gary with some help by others. Yea! We took those windows out, protected them for a couple of days and got them reinstalled with out breaking any panes. Okay, now we will probably break them tomorrow. No! Mark, Max, Dave, Gary, and others spent most of the day preparing the rafters for the metal roof, soffit and fascia. Last night we went to Lowe’s and selected the material for the soffit and fascia and Charles picked it up for us this morning. We are so looking forward to having the roof on this house. That is our main goal for tomorrow. Sure hope we get it done.

The house at the end of the Second Wednesday
The house at the end of the second Wednesday

Richard made crawfish etouffee for us at lunch. Again, he made a large pot and served us all. The man can really cook. Everyone enjoyed lunch too much and no one felt like returning to work. However, we had to earn our lunch. Thanks, Richard, for another wonderful meal.

Tomorrow is NOMADS Friday so we really want that roof in place before the weekend. We will let you know tomorrow night.

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