Another Productive Day

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Today was a cooler but beautiful day. Nice working weather.

We all began the day back in Baker at Richard’s house. The Quickcete was mixed and poured at the end of the wheel chair ramp, completing that portion of the project. We began installing the railings on the front porch until we ran out of material. The lumber came this afternoon, but by then everyone was busy on other projects so we will complete the railings another day. The sheathing was completed. The purlins were all installed. We completed the blocking where it was needed. The house wrap was installed in spite of the wind and the sub-fascia was partially installed. After lunch Anne, Jo and Lisa returned to Francis Asbury and painted the floor in the hall at the church. There are still some doors to paint and trim to install and the floor will probably need another coat. We may save most of those projects for next week when we are expecting rain again.


The house at the end of the Second Tuesday
The house at the end of the second Tuesday

It was another beautiful and productive day in Baton Rogue.  But we are tired so its a short blog.

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