Keeping On Keeping On

Monday, March 19, 2018

This morning was again cloudy, dreary and drippy. We had a little rain around 10:00 but it was light and didn’t last long. It was just enough to make us cover up the saws and go inside for a moment and then it was over. After that quick little shower, the sun came out and it was hot and humid. Our high today was in the mid 80s, by far the warmest day so far. Our northern team members really don’t like that heat. They should be happier tomorrow when it cools off and the high is 65. We will be happier too.

Lisa sanding the completed ramp
Lisa sanding the completed ramp

Today the ramp crew completed the ramp with the exception of a little Quikrete by the metal ramp to help alleviate some of the mud problems. BTW, the purpose of the metal ramp is to prevent wood decay for the portion on the ground at our homeowners request. This afternoon our construction coordinator asked the crew to also place the same type of railing that is on the ramp on the porch as well. They will probably start on that tomorrow.

Today good progress was made on the bedroom addition. The windows and sheathing were removed from the exterior wall and the windows saved for the new exterior walls, the door was cut in from the living room to the bed room and the wall was removed from the old bath to extend the bathroom into the new addition. Also, the north wall framing was completed as was the interior wall framing. The sheathing was placed on the south and east wall. It was another productive day.

The house at the end of the Second Monday
The house at the end of the Second Monday
Back to our old TV viewing habits tonight
Back to our old TV viewing habits tonight

For those from other parts of the country, we have been watching our local TV channels from Birmingham tonight due to the severe storms in the area. Fortunately, at least for now, the area around our home has had no damage. Other areas of the state including Cullman, where Anne worked, have had severe damage. Very thankful that so far there have been no reports of injuries.

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