Second Sunday in Baton Rogue

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sometimes we just wish the weather forecasters would be wrong. Unfortunately, they have been right Friday through Sunday of this week. No bike riding this weekend. It was a warm night last night, requiring the air conditioner, and there was a lot of rain in a short period of time around 1:30 today. It was cloudy with dark ominous looking clouds until late this afternoon when the sun finally came our for a little while. It was 82 and humid this afternoon. Again, thankful for 50 amp power and good air conditioners.

Worship service at FAUMCWe, of course, went to worship this morning. The team decided to stay at Francis Asbury again this week. Today Pastor David was not here put Pastor Johnson filled in for him. She brought a message from John 12:20-33, “Lift up Jesus”. She also reminded us that when we look at a cross we should remember the vertical piece reminds us we are to reach up to Jesus and the horizontal reminds us to reach out to others. “Love Jesus – Love Neighbors.” Good message and again the entire congregation was so welcoming. Good people!

Picture on the wall of the sanctuary at FAUMC
Picture on the wall of the sanctuary at FAUMC
Rita and Mark shared a plate of bugs today
Rita and Mark shared a plate of bugs today

After church, some of us went back to City Cafe and others went for chicken fingers. Both groups were pleased with their service and food. We had grilled cedar plank salmon which was excellent. After a quick stop at Walmart we got to swim back to the truck in a deluge of rain. We had to do some work to prepare for our 6:00 pm team meeting and then we watched a Hallmark movie and relaxed.

Since this is a disaster rebuild project we have a team meeting every Sunday night because we have team members rotate out and new ones join each week. We officially welcomed Jodi and Stel to our team tonight and celebrated Dave’s birthday with cake, ice cream and pecan pie. It was good meeting with some good discussion. Looking forward to another productive week, accomplishing whatever it is that God wants us to do. Hope you have had a good weekend and stay safe as everyone starts back to work tomorrow.

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