Big Muddy

Saturday, March 17, 2018

It was another rainy, cloudy day in Baton Rogue. The high was about 82 and the humidity was way up.

It rained off and on until early afternoon. Like yesterday the amount of rain was insignificant. However, it was enough that we elected to not go bike riding this morning. Every time the sun came out and we thought we might go riding with Jo and Mark,  it would be raining again within five minutes.

Selecting breakfast
Selecting breakfast

The fifty college kids staying here at the church loaded the bus for the 26 hour trip back home at 5:00 this morning. They were actually pretty quiet loading out. It’s nice to see young people spending their spring break on mission projects. We appreciate their work here in Baton Rogue. Since we were up, we went back to Mary Lou’s for doughnuts. They were just as wonderful as last week. The blueberry doughnuts are probably the best blueberry cake doughnuts we have eaten.

New team members Stel and Jodi arrived todayOur new team members, Stel and Jodi arrived shortly before noon. We are so thankful they arrived safely. After helping them get parked, we headed into Baton Rogue to run errands. Since the sun was out we drove down to see the Mississippi River and walk the levee. We took the umbrella for our walk so of course there was no more rain. We were amazed at the height of the river. We saw up close and personal why the Mississippi is sometimes called the big muddy.  If not for the levees all of downtown and the LSU campus would be under water right now. The river was running very swiftly and the flooding is now causing problems for the barges. Another 6 feet and the water would top the levee. We had a very interesting walk, taking in the sights. We also discovered that parking is a problem downtown so when we get to ride the levee we will probably drive to the other end of the trail to start.


The river is about 6 feet from the top of the levee
The river is about 6 feet from topping the levee

After getting a pretty good walk, we completed our errands and returned to the church. The team decided that we would play more games tonight. Six of us played Farkle while the others played a card game. We all had a good time and it was a time to get to know Stel and Jodi a little better.

Another good day. We will see what we can get into tomorrow.

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