First Team Members Rotate Out

Friday, March 16, 2018

Unfortunately, the weather forecasters were very accurate in their forecast for today. We have had rain off and on all day. It’s not been hard rain but it began between four and five am and while it is not currently raining it’s sure looking like it will any minute. It’s not heavy rain and probably not enough to add to the flooding in the area but just messy and puddles everywhere. Except for the levee system, Baton Rouge and the LSU campus would be flooded right now. The Mississippi River is in flood stage and expected to peak next week somewhere in the top ten levels recorded. They give all the river levels at different locations on every newscast here. Our plan for today had been to ride the bikes on some of the levee trails but we never had a long enough break in the rain. Maybe tomorrow.

Mike and Barb pulling outThis morning we said goodbyes to our team members Barb and Mike. They will be making their way on to California to see family and we pray for their safety as they travel. This was our first time to work with this sweet couple and we will be looking forward to another project with them.

Saying goodbye
We gathered around to say “See you down the road” then said a group prayer for Mike and Barb’s safety.

The rest of the day was filled with mundane things like laundry and grocery shopping and an afternoon nap. Tonight the team is getting together for some games.

For those concerned about Aunt Helen, the reports we have received from cousins this week have been good. No one has reported her fussing to go home. We will take that and be happy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that those of you stuck in snow country get some warmer weather soon. Some of our friends here checked the weather at their house and said it was still too early to head home. Reports like that make us enjoy the beautiful spring flowers here even more.

Addendum: So we completed the blog before the games tonight but did not post it. AfterGame night the card games tonight all we have to say is this. There is only one thing wrong with this team. We just do not have enough comedians. 🙂 It is really a shame that no one ever laughs. But really – thank you team, for all the laughs. Just maybe that is one of the many reasons you are here – to make us laugh again.

One thought on “First Team Members Rotate Out”

  1. We were so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with this team. We look forward to following your progress on the project. We will miss the great sense of humor & hope for the chance to be together again! Barb & Mike


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