Thursday, March 15, 2018

We have been so blessed this week with perfectly wonderful weather. It has been great for working. The morning temperature was 42 this morning, a little cool in the shade but by 10:00 we were in our T-shirts. Beautiful clear, blue skies all day.

Today the ramp crew came close to completing the ramp and Richard tried it out in his scooter. He is a happy man! The smile on his face and the laughter was priceless. It’s why we enjoy working disaster rebuild projects. The bedroom addition crew got all the rafters installed, all the hangers in place and all the hurricane straps installed. After receiving the new shower pan, the ladies installed part of the base plates for the new handicap accessible bathroom. Progress was made in all areas today. The weather forecasters say we are going to have a very wet weekend with rain predicted Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so we cleaned the job site really well and then we placed tarps over all the lumber this afternoon.

The house at the end of Thursday
The house at the end of Thursday

The best part of our day was lunch. Richard ran a catering business at some point. He wanted to show his appreciation to us so he made us jambalaya for lunch today. We can attest to the fact that Richard is a mighty fine cook. He has this huge pot and he cooks the jambalaya outside. It was by far the best jambalaya we have ever tasted. The only downside was that it was hard to go back to work this afternoon. We all ate too much.

Today was the end of week one of the NOMADS Louisiana Disaster Rebuild. As is our tradition, tonight the team went out to dinner. Yes, even after all the jambalaya. Team members Barb and Mike will be leaving in the morning so they chose the restaurant, Sammy’s Grill, and we all had our final meal together and said our goodbyes. Except for the goodbye part, it was a very good week. This team has been amazing in their teamwork, work ethic and just how much fun we all have had. Yes, it was a very good week.

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