Head Scratching Day

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Another gorgeous day. 42 degrees this morning and 65, bright and sunny this afternoon. Just about perfect working weather. We still need sweatshirts in the morning but by 10:00 it is great. Its going to be 36 in the morning. May take two sweatshirts.

Today our team again worked really hard. The wheelchair ramp is almost complete. The hand rails will go up tomorrow and a few other finishing touches. We think it looks great! The room addition went slower today. We had to make some decisions on how we wanted to proceed. The original plans for the attachment of rafters to the existing structure resulted in less slope on the roof than we felt was required. So there had to be some adjustments made. A good deal of time was then spent brainstorming, head scratching and trying different options. We ended up taking down the wall we raised yesterday to make those adjustments and then raised it again. We now have what we believe is a better plan and should be able to move forward tomorrow on getting the rafters and other two walls in place. Today we also did more demolition inside the existing structure in preparation of removing two windows and cutting in an additional door. There was also more demo of fascia and soffit. This afternoon the handicap accessible shower was delivered. That delivery allowed us to then have exact dimensions in order to lay out the bathroom. Several of the ladies looked at different options and presented them to Richard who then decided how he and his wife want it built. Looking forward to moving ahead on that tomorrow, too.

The house at the end of Wednesday
The house at the end of Wednesday

Fellowship dinner provided by the churchTonight the members of Francis Asbury UMC prepared the team a wonderful dinner. They are preparing a meal one night each week that there are volunteers here at the church working the flood relief. Such sweet people. We had wonderful food including many great desserts and a very nice time of visiting with the team and members of the church. A very special night.

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