Worship With The Kids

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wonderful, beautiful winter day. Even better it didn’t feel like winter. The low last night was in the upper 50’s. It was 58 when we got up this morning and the high was in the upper 60’s. It may have hit 70, but we were out eagle watching and don’t really know.

Beautiful chapel
Beautiful chapel

Today the team decided to go to worship at the chapel here at FUMCH. Rev. Madeline Luzinski is the Director of Pastoral Care here at FUMCH. She is pastor to the residents as well as the staff. It was a joy this morning to watch her interactions with the kids and the wonderful way she relates to them. The kids seem to really have a connection with her. Last weekend she and other counselors took some of the older girls to Tampa to tour the city, attend a black heritage music festival and do mission work at the Metropolitan Ministries. There the girls worked three, three hour shifts in the thrift store and the kitchen preparing meals for the homeless. Today’s service began with good music from the praise band and then pastor Madeline began a new sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer – delving deeper into the meaning of the prayer they recite most Sundays. Wonderful worship experience today. Pastor also announced that tomorrow evening they will be having a baptism service and celebration for one of the young men who is turning 18 and entering the independent living program. They are doing a good work here at the FUMCH. It is a joy and honor to be able to contribute to their mission with the kids by helping with items around campus.

Eagle returning to nest
Eagle returning to nest (sun was not at a good angle while we were there)

After worship some of us went to IHOP for lunch. Good food and good companions. Nice. Then, after a nice nap we road the bikes back out to the eagle nest. We saw both adult eagles and still no signs of hatchlings. We were hoping we might have some babies before we leave, but today we didn’t see the parents bringing any food to the nest so we guess we will have to wait a while longer. Maybe by the end of the week if we are lucky. It takes 35 days for eagles to hatch so based on when people have told us the eagles returned we are getting close to time but could be another week or two. We will keep checking. That was our day. Tomorrow the team will start our last four days of work. We have lots to finish before we leave so it will be a busy week.

This squirrel jumped on to the fence close to us
This squirrel jumped on to the fence close to us while we were watching the eagles.

Time To Try The Local Doughnuts

Saturday, January 20, 2018

It was not nearly as cold last night with the temperature 41 when we got up this morning. We had morning sun, but it was cloudy this afternoon. With the temperatures in the high sixties we sat outside and read and relaxed for a while. Nice.

Breakfast providerAfter a tiring day yesterday, we slept in this morning. Then we headed to the local doughnut shop for breakfast. Hard to believe we have been in Enterprise for two full weeks and this is our first time to check out a local shop. We actually only found one local shop in the area, Donuts To Go. They open at 6:00 but still had a good selection when we arrived about 8:30. We got a wide selection, blueberry cake, Boston cream filled, Bavarian cream eclairs, cinnamon rolls and an apple fritter. Those of you that have been reading since the Alaska days know we love to compare cinnamon rolls and doughnuts. We tried all the cinnamon rolls we could find between Alabama and Alaska. We first tried the old fashion blueberry cake doughnuts, while driving back home. There were very good. Actually one of the best we have had. We might put it ahead of Sunny’s Donuts in Gaffney, SC. Next we tried the apple fritter. Again it was a close call but still think Sunny’s wins the fritter contest. Tonight we tried the Boston cream doughnuts. While it was a good doughnut, Sunny’s and Duchess Bakery in Cullman, AL definitely win on that one.

Way too many choices
Way too many choices

Other than taste testing doughnuts, (a hard job but someone has to do it) we did laundry, cleaned house and rested. All those mundane things you have to do when you travel in a motor home. Max also did a 10 mile bike ride with some geocaching late this afternoon where he saw a bald eagle, several buzzards and some fast-on-their-feet deer.

Anne has been having allergy problems, and after taking some additional medications, decided a nap was in order. That was our day today. Remember tomorrow is Sunday so we need to all be in prayer for all the pastors who will be bringing the message tomorrow. Hope you are having a great weekend and the weather has improved wherever you are this weekend.

Long, But Fun, Day

Friday, January 19, 2018

We had another cold start to the day with the low of 34. As we were leaving town we noticed frost everywhere. It would have been considered a light or scattered frost at home, but here in central Florida it was FROST and they don’t have FROST. Anyway, it didn’t stay around for long because the sun was again glorious and by shortly after lunch everyone at the RV show was talking about how many layers they had shed. The highest number we heard was 6.

We left Enterprise heading to Tampa to the RV Super show, one of, if not the largest RV show in the US about 7:15. We made a quick stop at McDonald’s for a biscuit before jumping in I-4 west. There was a high power line almost in the parking lot and it was covered with buzzards. We decided they were waiting for customers to have heart attacks from all the high cholesterol foods. Two hours later we were exploring the RV show. There were hundreds and hundreds of beautiful RVs to enjoy and two large buildings of must have stuff to peruse. Of course we weren’t really shopping for a new RV, but we always like to look to see what new RV’s are coming out and what has changed in our favorites. We did pick up a few ideas we might like to use in FRED and did make a purchase of some storage containers. Otherwise, we looked and enjoyed it all, were able to talk to a couple of people about NOMADS and our mission work, and then left to return home just in time to be in the middle of Friday afternoon traffic in Tampa. It actually wasn’t too bad and we had an uneventful ride back to Enterprise.

When you purchase your tickets for the show you get a second ticket to return another day,  because there is really too much to see in one day,  but we saw a lot of it.   Jo and Mark are planning to go to the show tomorrow so we gave them our second day tickets because we don’t plan to play tomorrow.  There is rig cleaning and laundry and resting to be done.

featured image 01-19
One of the more unusual motorhomes we saw

A Cold Start To NOMADS Friday

Thursday, January 18, 2018

It was 27 degrees this morning when we got up. Now that is not nearly as cold as other places north of here, but it is way too cold for central Florida. It’s been a long time since it was this cold here according to the TV. It is suppose to warm up this weekend and be nice again. I guess we can handle one day of cold.

Kathy and Terry treated the team to a pancake breakfast this morningKathy and Terry, our team leaders, prepared a wonderful pancake breakfast for the team this morning. Great way to start the day! We all ate our fill of sausage and pancakes.  Kathy and Terry decided we would have breakfast today and intentionally get a late start to our work because we were trying to let it warm up a little. Max and Anne brought our devotion that we entitled First Responders. It was based on Luke 10:29-37, the parable of the Good Samaritan,

After devotion we all went to work. Mark, Chris and Max went back to the water plant. They continued to work on the shed for the electrical panel. We were all glad to have Chris back.

Jo and Kathy installing more privacy screen
Jo and Kathy installing privacy screen at water plant

Jo and Kathy did some landscaping work, repositioning a statue in a garden and then worked on the privacy fence. Mike and Terry did some additional work in the chapel.



Ruth, Anne, Laura and Carol cleaning paint brushes

Anne, Laura, Ruth and Carol painted at a duplex all day. The duplex will be used for some of the young men in the transition program.



Team Dinner at Goodfellas

When the work day was over we all quickly got showers and we all headed to Goodfella’s Italian restaurant. All the food looked and smelled delicious. Everyone agreed that the food was very good and the desserts as well. We had a wonderful waiter who took very good care of our large group and we would definitely go there again.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow – Road Trip!

Walls are going up rapidly on the new child care center
In case you were wondering, the walls are going up rapidly on the new child care center next to where we meet every morning.