Time To Try The Local Doughnuts

Saturday, January 20, 2018

It was not nearly as cold last night with the temperature 41 when we got up this morning. We had morning sun, but it was cloudy this afternoon. With the temperatures in the high sixties we sat outside and read and relaxed for a while. Nice.

Breakfast providerAfter a tiring day yesterday, we slept in this morning. Then we headed to the local doughnut shop for breakfast. Hard to believe we have been in Enterprise for two full weeks and this is our first time to check out a local shop. We actually only found one local shop in the area, Donuts To Go. They open at 6:00 but still had a good selection when we arrived about 8:30. We got a wide selection, blueberry cake, Boston cream filled, Bavarian cream eclairs, cinnamon rolls and an apple fritter. Those of you that have been reading since the Alaska days know we love to compare cinnamon rolls and doughnuts. We tried all the cinnamon rolls we could find between Alabama and Alaska. We first tried the old fashion blueberry cake doughnuts, while driving back home. There were very good. Actually one of the best we have had. We might put it ahead of Sunny’s Donuts in Gaffney, SC. Next we tried the apple fritter. Again it was a close call but still think Sunny’s wins the fritter contest. Tonight we tried the Boston cream doughnuts. While it was a good doughnut, Sunny’s and Duchess Bakery in Cullman, AL definitely win on that one.

Way too many choices
Way too many choices

Other than taste testing doughnuts, (a hard job but someone has to do it) we did laundry, cleaned house and rested. All those mundane things you have to do when you travel in a motor home. Max also did a 10 mile bike ride with some geocaching late this afternoon where he saw a bald eagle, several buzzards and some fast-on-their-feet deer.

Anne has been having allergy problems, and after taking some additional medications, decided a nap was in order. That was our day today. Remember tomorrow is Sunday so we need to all be in prayer for all the pastors who will be bringing the message tomorrow. Hope you are having a great weekend and the weather has improved wherever you are this weekend.

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