Worship With The Kids

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wonderful, beautiful winter day. Even better it didn’t feel like winter. The low last night was in the upper 50’s. It was 58 when we got up this morning and the high was in the upper 60’s. It may have hit 70, but we were out eagle watching and don’t really know.

Beautiful chapel
Beautiful chapel

Today the team decided to go to worship at the chapel here at FUMCH. Rev. Madeline Luzinski is the Director of Pastoral Care here at FUMCH. She is pastor to the residents as well as the staff. It was a joy this morning to watch her interactions with the kids and the wonderful way she relates to them. The kids seem to really have a connection with her. Last weekend she and other counselors took some of the older girls to Tampa to tour the city, attend a black heritage music festival and do mission work at the Metropolitan Ministries. There the girls worked three, three hour shifts in the thrift store and the kitchen preparing meals for the homeless. Today’s service began with good music from the praise band and then pastor Madeline began a new sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer – delving deeper into the meaning of the prayer they recite most Sundays. Wonderful worship experience today. Pastor also announced that tomorrow evening they will be having a baptism service and celebration for one of the young men who is turning 18 and entering the independent living program. They are doing a good work here at the FUMCH. It is a joy and honor to be able to contribute to their mission with the kids by helping with items around campus.

Eagle returning to nest
Eagle returning to nest (sun was not at a good angle while we were there)

After worship some of us went to IHOP for lunch. Good food and good companions. Nice. Then, after a nice nap we road the bikes back out to the eagle nest. We saw both adult eagles and still no signs of hatchlings. We were hoping we might have some babies before we leave, but today we didn’t see the parents bringing any food to the nest so we guess we will have to wait a while longer. Maybe by the end of the week if we are lucky. It takes 35 days for eagles to hatch so based on when people have told us the eagles returned we are getting close to time but could be another week or two. We will keep checking. That was our day. Tomorrow the team will start our last four days of work. We have lots to finish before we leave so it will be a busy week.

This squirrel jumped on to the fence close to us
This squirrel jumped on to the fence close to us while we were watching the eagles.

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