A Cold Start To NOMADS Friday

Thursday, January 18, 2018

It was 27 degrees this morning when we got up. Now that is not nearly as cold as other places north of here, but it is way too cold for central Florida. It’s been a long time since it was this cold here according to the TV. It is suppose to warm up this weekend and be nice again. I guess we can handle one day of cold.

Kathy and Terry treated the team to a pancake breakfast this morningKathy and Terry, our team leaders, prepared a wonderful pancake breakfast for the team this morning. Great way to start the day! We all ate our fill of sausage and pancakes.  Kathy and Terry decided we would have breakfast today and intentionally get a late start to our work because we were trying to let it warm up a little. Max and Anne brought our devotion that we entitled First Responders. It was based on Luke 10:29-37, the parable of the Good Samaritan,

After devotion we all went to work. Mark, Chris and Max went back to the water plant. They continued to work on the shed for the electrical panel. We were all glad to have Chris back.

Jo and Kathy installing more privacy screen
Jo and Kathy installing privacy screen at water plant

Jo and Kathy did some landscaping work, repositioning a statue in a garden and then worked on the privacy fence. Mike and Terry did some additional work in the chapel.



Ruth, Anne, Laura and Carol cleaning paint brushes

Anne, Laura, Ruth and Carol painted at a duplex all day. The duplex will be used for some of the young men in the transition program.



Team Dinner at Goodfellas

When the work day was over we all quickly got showers and we all headed to Goodfella’s Italian restaurant. All the food looked and smelled delicious. Everyone agreed that the food was very good and the desserts as well. We had a wonderful waiter who took very good care of our large group and we would definitely go there again.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow – Road Trip!

Walls are going up rapidly on the new child care center
In case you were wondering, the walls are going up rapidly on the new child care center next to where we meet every morning.

One thought on “A Cold Start To NOMADS Friday”

  1. Hope it warms up for you guys. It has here. Enjoying seeing all your accomplishments. Anne I believe you have painted in those clothes a few times. Lol. I have some just like them. Take care and God Bless.


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