Working to Finish

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It started raining during the night and was still raining when we got up this morning. It also never really cooled of last night. It was 66 this morning. The rain stopped by about 8:00 and slowly the clouds departed and we had another beautiful day. It was 78 when we stopped for lunch and we don’t know the high but it was hot working out in the sun today. Yep, this time last week we were complaining about being too cold. We will not complain about the heat. We are having beautiful weather, even if we are sweating.

Ruth and Mike brought us another great devotion this morning which was based on the story of Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego. They reminded us that in good times or bad God is always with us and for us. Ruth and Mike always end their devotion time with a little funny. Today’s was so funny we all continued to laugh even after we should have stopped. We will have to see if we can get a copy of that one and share with you.

Max, Anne and Mike started the day cleaning up all the left over wood and supplies at the water treatment plant. After returning everything to the maintenance building we began gathering supplies for our next project. We will be laying some brick at a house that was converted to an early childhood center. A garage door was removed and the garage made into a classroom. We laid the first course of brick today and are letting it setup overnight and will continue tomorrow. Another new skill.

Jo, Mark and Chris continued to work on removing the old fence and cleaning up around the new fence. This was another big and hot job. They made great progress on that project today. Ruth, Kathy, Carol and Laura were back working on the front porch a one of the cottages. Another hot job today but one we think they completed. Bob worked on refinishing a couple of signs for the picnic pavilion and then worked on lights with Lee. We all again stayed very busy, especially Kathy and Terry, just keeping the 12 of us headed in the right direction, keeping us in supplies and answering calls for assistance. We are making good progress but will continue to have to push to complete everything by noon on Thursday.

Uncooperative eagleAfter work today we rode back out to check on the eagles. We only saw one of the parents today. We suspect there are babies in the nest based on the various nest cameras in other areas but we didn’t see the parents bring any food back to the nest or any activity other than one eagle sitting in the nest with its head barely visible. We didn’t stay out at the nest very long and then rode back to Green Springs park. This time we decided to visit the park’s namesake spring. Yep, it’s a green spring. Real green, and somewhat smaller than we expected. But it’s a nice little park and worth the stop.

Green Springs

By the way, Mama Ruby, Anne’s mom, is sick and we would appreciate your prayers for her.

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