Prayers Please

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We left Enterprise about 10:00 this morning after a loving send off by our team.  We are currently spending the night in the Lowe’s parking lot in Troy, Alabama. Anne’s mom had another stroke this morning and is now experiencing the joys of heaven. We are only about three hours from Mama Ruby’s house but are too tired to go any further. This will give us a quiet night together before we have to face everything tomorrow. The blog may be quiet for a few days. We would appreciate your prayers for our family.

God blessed us with a beautiful sunset as we were driving
God blessed us with a beautiful sunset as we were driving.

3 thoughts on “Prayers Please”

  1. I am glad you chose to stop. Its never a bad thing to get some distance before dealing with something like a death in the family. Too often people rush to get there and make decisions and they get taken advantage of by the hospital, the funeral home, even the Church and caterers! Giving space allows for time to determine what your mom wanted in her final farewell, get some much needed grieving done and think about options. I hope God’s presence is with you. I pray that you hurt. Because if you don’t hurt that person didn’t mean as much and in that pain is love, a deep love that should be walked through even in its difficulty. May God be present and be with you in your decisions. We know Mama is alright!


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