A Together Day

Monday, January 22, 2018

Another wonderful day in Florida. This is what you hope far when you plan a winter trip here. It was 55 when we got up this morning, with heavy fog in the area but none right around us. By lunch it was 80 degrees with sunshine and some scattered clouds. Love it!

After another good devotion by Kathy and Terry, we all headed back out to work. Today Max and Anne were assigned to the water treatment plant to work on finishing up the final items. We installed fascia boards on the shed along with the drip edge. We also repaired a gate to the treatment plant.  Jo and Kathy painting pumphouseThe final (for now) job was the completion of the roof repairs to the metal roof on the generator building.  Kathy and Jo also painted the pumphouse today. It looks so nice. Lots of team members contributed to that structure and it is now complete.

Bob and Lee on light bulb duty
Bob and Lee, The Cool Light Team

Mike and Chris replaced some outside light fixtures at one of the cottages and continued their work in the chapel. Don’t think they are quite through there but are in the clean up stage. Lee and Bob continued to work on the replacement of light bulbs and fixtures, as needed across campus. We think Lee said he replaced 36 bulbs in one building. That’s a lot of trips up and down a ladder. Terry and Mark tore down and disposed of the old wooden fence now that the chain link fence is finished. Laura, Ruth and Carol went back to the duplex we were painting on Thursday. Not positive but we think they finished there and went back to the cottage we worked on last week, painting the porch. We only have three days left, actually 2 ½ because there are throwing us a cookout at lunch Thursday and we will spend the afternoon sorting and packing up all the tools. Anyway, we are trying to finish up everything we have started. We made really good progress on that today. We may get some rain tomorrow, so that may slow us down a little but it looks like we will complete all the high priority jobs they had for us.

After work Max enjoyed watching Terry fly his drone. Max is still interested and we may have a drone in our future. We shall see. We also walked down to the Publix and picked up a few items. It is such a treat to just be able to walk to the grocery store on a beautiful afternoon. After that we just sat outside and read. Another wonderful day. Thank you God for the blessings.

One thought on “A Together Day”

  1. Hey Ann & Max! It’s Bobbi. So glad you got to work with Jo & Mark Ford. They are great people with big hearts. W e really enjoyed being in our project with them.Of course, we told them all about you two, so they knew they were in for a good project. Miss you. God bless.


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