Another Busy Wednesday

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Today was another nice day here in Florida. A little cool this morning but warming up this afternoon. However, temperatures started dropping about 3:00 and dropped quickly, and a nasty wind developed. We finished work at 4:00 and wanted to get a bike ride in because we know it will be too cold tomorrow. When we left for the ride it was 66 and less than an hour later and 8 miles later it was 59 and we were cold. The 4 mile return was straight into a nasty wind. We did get to see the bald eagle on its nest again. The cold front comes through tonight with 30 degrees predicted so we are operating off our water tank rather than city water tonight.

We started the day with another good devotion today brought to us by Lee. We then received our assignments for today and went to work. Actually we sat and visited a little while before going to work. Everyone seemed a little tired this morning. Max and Mark completed the pump house today. Yea! We think it looks really good. It still needs to be painted but the wood is pretty green so they may let it “age” a little before painting. The NOMADS that will be here in 6 weeks might get that job. Max and Mark then resumed their work on a shed on another building to protect an electrical panel. They made good progress on that as well.

Laura painting the porch on a cottage
Laura painting the porch on a cottage

Anne again worked with Jo, Laura and Kathy on another painting project. This time the group worked on painting a porch, doors and windows at one of the children’s cottages. They will have to return next week to do some additional work, but it is already looking so much better.  The house mother and kids were very please and appreciative.  Mike and Terry did some work in the chapel and Mike did some additional landscaping. Lee and Bob continued as the light bulb brigade. There are a lot of light bulbs on this campus with about 47 buildings.

Ruth and Carol did an amazing job of cleaning up an area close to the new fence. In cleaning out the underbrush they discovered some great potted plans, azaleas and gardenias as well as some other things we can’t name. They also came to the cottage the other ladies were painting and did some raking and cleaning of the landscape there too.

It was another day where a lot was accomplished but there is always more to do. Tonight and tomorrow are going to be cold. Don’t think we will be doing much work outside in the morning.

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