Taco Tuesday

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Today was a repeat of yesterday weather-wise except it got even warmer this afternoon. It was hot if you were working in the sun but a little too cool in the shade and wind. But it was another beautiful day. We are feeling really sorry for all of you who are experiencing the dangerously cold weather. Please be careful!

We, of course, started our day with a devotional, today lead by Mike and Ruth. Ruth used Psalm 100 and a devotion from “Jesus is Calling”, a very good daily devotion book. Mike and Ruth gave us a copy a couple of years ago. Thanks Ruth and Mike for reminding us today that since we are Christians and have Jesus as our Savior we need to share that joy with the world. We should be smiling and praising.

So what work did we do today? Kathy, Lynn, Jo and Anne painted all day. They worked at the picnic pavilion painting the ceiling, inside and outside trim and the picnic tables. It was a big job, but one they completed just before the end of the day. Max and Mark repaired some of the trim at the pavilion this morning and then returned to the water treatment plant.

They completed the copula on the pump house and installed part of the siding. Mike and Ruth worked some in the chapel and then Mike and Terry installed some privacy screen on the fence at the water plant. Carol and Ruth did a lot more landscaping work. Lee continued working on changing out light bulbs all over campus.

Mike clearing brush from around gate
Mike clearing brush from around gate before installing privacy screen

Dinner with the teamJust as we were finishing up for the day Terry reminded us that it was Taco Tuesday at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Bob and Carol could not go because of another commitment but the rest of us decided $0.99 tacos sounded good and with a quick cleanup and change of clothes we were off. We did get to the restaurant before the big crowd, but the place was packed and noisy before we left. We returned home and topped of our meal with a slice of Key Lime pie. Another good day. Time to go to bed.

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