Outdoor Monday

Monday, January, 15, 2018

Today was another sunny day. Windy and cold this morning but warmed up to about 58 this afternoon. And cold is so relative. Compared to the rest of the country it was balmy.

Today being Martin Luther King Day, the kids were all out of school today and in the cottages so they didn’t want us working there today. Mark and Jo brought our devotion today which came from Our Daily Bread. Entitled “Pursuing Unity” it was thought provoking and very appropriate on MLK Day.

The maintenance guys were also off so they didn’t really want us in the other buildings or on the equipment like tractors. So today was a different day for most of us since we all worked outside. The ladies worked on cleaning out what used to be an azalea garden. Jo saw one bloom in this big heap of moss and limbs, and foliage the other day. From what she could see and a sign that was almost completely covered by overgrowth she thought is was an abandoned rose garden. The ladies worked really hard but saw great results for their efforts. Max and Mark were able to continue their work in the water treatment area. Anne helped there this afternoon. Mike and Chris worked on the fence again. Bob and Lee did some landscaping cleanup, with leaf blowers.

Street Cleaners Lee and Bob
Street Cleaners Lee and Bob

It was a laid back Monday with everyone enjoying being outside today.

One thought on “Outdoor Monday”

  1. So happy and very proud of my sissy. God bless you Jo and Mark and all the friends you are working with to do Gods work. I love you and miss you.


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