Return Visit to Emmanuel

Sunday, January 14, 2018

We had beautiful sunshine almost all day. It was a little cool this morning, requiring a jacket but beautiful day. The wind was gusty and got worse just before dark. Our last walk this evening was a three layer of clothes walk, requiring ear cover as well. It wasn’t so bad if you were out of the wind but if in the wind it was cold.

Today started early for a Sunday. We decided we wanted to return to Melbourne today to visit at Emmanuel UMC and pulled out of the parking lot abut 8:15. Some of you probably remember we worked at Emmanuel in January of 2015 and then led the team at Emmanuel in 2016. Melbourne is about 90 minutes from FUMCH. It’s an easy drive partially out through the country with the last 30 or so minutes on I-95. We arrived early so we drove around the area and went by some of our favorite spots, like Del’s Freeze (best soft serve ice cream) and a couple of restaurants. We are glad to report they all survived the storm and ready for our return. There are still signs of the recent hurricane with blue tarps on roofs and some homes still boarded up. It appears a few businesses have closed. Sad.

We really love the people at Emanuel. It was so great to see all the ones we worked closely with on the remodel in 2016. The ones who finished what we started did an excellent job and everything looks so great!

Example of our project task list
Example of our project weekly task list

Worship at Emmanuel UMCThe service was wonderful. We have always appreciated Pastor Pam’s thought provoking messages and today there was an added treat. A young man played a musical piece he composed for the offertory. Wow, it was something else! We understand he plays drums and several other instruments but we know he can really play that piano. After worship, we enjoyed spending time over lunch with Pastor Pam, Rebecca and her Mom, Dad and grandmother and Pastor’s daughter, Alana and Cheryl. We probably outstayed our welcome at the restaurant but it takes a while to catch up on everyone. The church is still hoping the city is going to allow NOMADS to use the RV sites in the parking lot again, so we can return to do some community outreach projects. We discussed several options to try to move that along and hopefully something can be worked out. Thanks so much to everyone at Emmanuel for making us feel so welcomed – almost like we hadn’t been gone for 2 years.

Last night's key lime pieWe had an uneventful drive back to Enterprise and are getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.  In case you are wondering, the Key Lime pie we made yesterday with the fresh key limes was very good.  We haven’t eaten it all yet but probably won’t last too much longer.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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