Wildlife Day

Saturday, January 13, 2018

This is second Saturday for NOMADS. It didn’t get as cold last night as predicted and was 61 when we got up this morning. However it was down to 58 by 9:00. Never got any warmer and was down to 54 at 5:00. It was another gray day with an occasional break of sunshine that was always very short lived. The forecast doesn’t look good for folks north of here so y’all be careful and stay warm. Be sure to check on your neighbors and family.

Great Horned Owl in nestThis morning we hiked rather than biking, back out the East Central Regional Rail Trail to the eagle’s nest. Just after getting on the trail we spotted another nest close to some condos. Strangely it appeared to have a Great Horned Owl sitting in the nest rather than eagles. We met someone on the trail that lives in the condos and she said one of the pair of eagles that was there the last few years died and the survivor has not returned. We did some research and found that it is not unusual for Great Horned Owls to take over eagle nests. They have even been known to run the eagles off at times. We like owls almost as much as eagles so it was cool to see that today.

A little further down the trail we saw a pretty Cooper’s hawk. He was perched on a limb right beside the trail and just sat there and posed for us. Nice.

When we got back out to yesterday’s eagle nest we didn’t see anything. We had almost given up when one of the eagles started calling. A short time later one was again on a branch above the nest. We continued to watch and eventually the one on the nest perched on the edge of the nest for a minute and then flew away. It returned a little later and again went down into the nest, we assume to sit on eggs. That time we were able to see the top of her head above the nest. The other eagle, we presumed the male, continued to be on guard on a branch above the nest. A fun morning bird watching. Love the eagles.

Making real key lime pieAfter returning to FRED, we prepared a late lunch of Instantpot meat loaf and mashed potatoes. A good recipe. We will have meat loaf again for lunches this week. We also juiced our key limes that were given to us yesterday and made a key lime pie. It’s still chilling in the refrigerator so will have to let you know later if it was good. Hope so. Otherwise we did a some laundry and reading.

Resident gatorLate afternoon we took another walk, this time around campus. We were told by Laura and Jo that they had seen a small alligator in one of the ponds. We found it. It is small but we suspect that if he doesn’t move on somewhere else before he gets much larger, the Children’s Home will have to have him relocated. However, it’s Florida. If there is a little pool of water there will be a gator there at some time. Don’t forget to be in prayer for services tomorrow and enjoy your time of worship.

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