A Day To Play In Enterprise

Friday, January 12, 2018

Today was another nice warm day. The high was 79. However, the cold front is coming through tonight. It’s raining now. Our high tomorrow is predicted to be 53. Oh well, 53 is a lot better than what our northern neighbors are experiencing. We understand it is snowing at our house now and its currently 28 degrees – and that’s in Alabama. Thankful we are in Florida.

Since this is NOMADS Saturday, we elected to sleep a little late and then Max fixed us a wonderful breakfast and while eating we totally changed our plans for the day. The forecast had changed and it looked like the rain was not going to arrive until after 3:00. So, we decided to do some bike riding today while it was warm rather than waiting until tomorrow. We road a portion of the Spring to Spring bike trail and then road the East Central Regional Rail Trail end to end. Today we did a total of 18.4 miles. It was a very scenic, quiet and relaxing ride. Beautiful area. On the return ride we met a couple from Chicago and they pointed out an eagle’s nest to us. It is a large nest. There was an eagle perched on a limb above the nest and we are guessing the other half of the couple was sitting on the eggs. We hope to go back out the trail tomorrow with our good camera and tripod and see if we can get some better pictures.

There are a lot of geocaches along the trail, but we only took time to find three.

After our ride, we went back to FRED and rested a while and then after a late lunch we headed into town to run some errands and buy some groceries. We found a local produce and meat store that was interesting. They had all sorts of ethnic items and good prices on produce.

We also rode over to Sanford, FL, on the opposite side of Lake Monroe from the Children’s Home and did some shopping over there. They have all the big name stores there and lots of people.

We returned home and plan a quiet evening watching a movie. Hope everyone is staying warm.

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