End Of Week One In Enterprise

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Yahoo! It’s the weekend. Today was a gorgeous day. The high was in the upper seventies and after the morning clouds burned off we had beautiful blue skies. Some of the team may have even gotten a little too much sun today. We have had two weeks of more clouds than sun but today was what you hope a winter day in Florida will be.

gray houseIt was another really busy day for the team as we completed more tasks. Ruth and Anne went back to the gray house off campus and worked to finish there because the new residents are suppose to move in tomorrow. The Children’s Home owns several houses within a few blocks of their property and use them for various things at different times. The house we were working on will be rented by a new professional employee and house their family until they decide exactly where they would like to live. Another one we will be working on next week will house some young ladies that are about to age out of the Children’s Home and will be entering the independent living program. We have been painting trim, patching some holes in the walls and touching up the paint. Today the final tasks were painting the front door and garage door. We completed that about mid afternoon then spent a couple of hours cleaning things in the house and all our painting supplies.

The base painting in the children’s cottage we have been working on this week was completed by Bob, Carol and Connie today. The fence is nearing completion. There is one section where the new fence will tie into an older fence that will be completed next week. The privacy screen is almost completed as well. Mike and Chris, when they were at a stopping place on the fence worked in the Chapel taking out a wall.

Max and Mark were back at work on the pump house today.  They completed the roofing today. It is looking good.  Laura and Jo helped Max and Mark when they were off the fence project. Terry and Kathy are running everywhere making sure we all have all the supplies and materials we need. This is Terry and Kathy’s first project leadership and there are doing a great job! We really appreciate their hard work. We have accomplished a lot this week.

Now everyone is off until Monday.  Chris and Laura are off to St Augustine to do the tourist thing. Some are just planning to hang around here and rest. We plan on doing some biking as well as laundry and grocery shopping. We all need some rest. We will see what else we can get into over the weekend.

bag of key limes
Scott, the facilities manager, brought the team a bag of key limes to share. We got a few to maybe make a key lime pie.

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