More Progress at FUMCH

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It started raining about 3:00 this morning. Never heavy rain. Usually just more like passing showers. But it was wet off and on until mid-afternoon. And it was warm. 61 when we got up this morning. Currently it’s 8:00pm and its still 72 outside. We are suppose to have a “cold front” coming through this weekend and the local weather guys are making a big deal about it. The graphics say “Brrrrrr” when the high is 53 Sunday. Since we have four team members from Iowa, they are getting a real laugh out of it all.

It was another busy, busy day of work on all the different projects. One project was completed. Bob, Connie and Carol completed painting the beauty salon. We will try to get pictures of the completed project sometime, but since we are all scattered out all over campus it’s hard to get pictures of everything. This is a 14 member team and we are working in small groups. Ruth and Laura worked in the cottage again this morning and that project is close to completed. Only need to paint some base in the living room. The kids were getting out of school early this afternoon so we couldn’t stay on that project today. Kathy and Anne worked on the trim at the house this morning. Turkeys in the yardWhen they arrived at the house they were greeted by a flock of turkeys. That was strange. We expect to see a flock of turkeys at home but not here in the middle of town. We are accustomed to seeing sand hill cranes here but not turkey. Anne and Ruth worked on the house this afternoon. All the base has been painted, nails, screws, etc have been removed and holes patched. Tomorrow will be working on touching up wall paint, washing and painting the front door and garage door. Max and Mark continued work on the new pump house at the water treatment plant. That project is coming along nicely but that will not be completed until sometime next week.

The fence project is really moving along. Mike, Terry, Chris and Jo made good progress today. This afternoon Laura, Bob, Carol and Connie began placing the privacy cover on the completed portion of the fence.

Pizza dinnerTonight we all had a pizza party, with salad and key lime pie. Everyone ate too much and we visited and had a good time. Really good team, working well together and accomplishing a lot in three days. We are all tired tonight. Tomorrow is NOMADS Friday!!

Joshua update. There had been incredible improvements in the last 48 hours and Joshua was discharged from Children’s Hospital late this afternoon. He still needs our prayers but is so much better. Thank you all for your prayers and concern!

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