An Early Christmas Splurge

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yesterday was a foggy, cloudy day with nothing blog-worthy to talk about – so we didn’t. We just worked around the house and handled some business for the LOLs.

Today was a rainy, cloudy, foggy, yucky day. As is usual for Alabama winters, the temperature goes up and we get rain. Stops raining and the temperature drops. The high The Duchess Bakerywas in the 60s today. We had a doctor’s appointment in Cullman today and unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the office is one block from The Duchess Bakery. And we can never go there and not get their Bizmarks because rather than squeeze some filling into the pastry, they slice it open and fill it with both a layer of white cream and and a layer of custard filling and then ice with chocolate. So, we didn’t have a choice. Duchess is one of the best, if not the best bakery in the state of Alabama. Of course, we had to have a Christmas cookie. They are so good. Today was a real Christmas splurge. The scale will not be happy in the morning. We really need to behave the next two days because Friday is the Armstrong Christmas get together.

We know this is a RVing blog and we will be getting back to RVing soon, but for the next week we will be enjoying family time and completing our doctors visits and family business.

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