A Rainy Drive

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Another rainy driveWe were up early today to check the radar because we were scheduled to head to Tuscaloosa to see Mama Ruby. Last night the prognosticators were predicting rain with possible damaging storms. It rained most of the night and continued to rain this morning. However, the system was downgraded over night and the probability of damaging storms was much less. So, based on the movement we decided to wait until about 8:15 to depart. It rained really hard for about the first 30-40 minutes but the remainder of the drive was just cloudy. About lunch time we actually saw a little sunshine.

We visited with Mama Ruby, took care of a lot of little things for her, had lunch with her and then took her to the beauty shop. Anne also got a hair cut. She really doesn’t like to have to get her hair cut when we are out of town so hopefully this will last until we return in February. On the way home we stopped at Aldi and Publix for some groceries – getting ready for the Christmas weekend. That’s it for today. Please pray for safe travel for everyone traveling this holiday weekend.

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